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Are We There Yet?!

Brexit – we thought we were close but now it might take longer so the questions might be if and when?

The Tax Year End – something you can depend on and the last minute scurrying around that goes with it.

We are coming to the end of the National Hunt Festival at Cheltenham and also nearing another event on the sporting calendar which puts a minority sport in the headlines and on terrestrial television and is usually held close to the tax year-end. I’m referring to the Boat Race of course which contains many references to the word cox (swain) – the relatively small person who steers the boat and shouts at the crew.

This spring another Cox has been prominent – Geoffrey Cox, the Attorney General.

His interpretation of the revised ‘backstop’ scuppered Theresa May’s deal at the last minute – around 11.30am on 12 March 2019 to be precise. Until Cox’s assessment that the revised ‘backstop’ would not be legally binding, there was great hope in the UK that the deal would pass through the House of Commons and hope in the EU too.

Back to square one then? There could be a re-write of the ‘backstop’ wording to enable May’s deal to pass in the House of Commons. Both May and J-C Junker thought they’d found a solution until Cox’s interpretation.