Shoulder to Shoulder

With MIFID II in the headlines and due to come into effect from 3 January 2018, it is interesting that with almost each passing day, fund groups are emerging from the woodwork stating that they will shoulder the financial burden of research costs and not charge the funds that they manage.  How generous of them!  Of course, not all fund groups are absorbing research costs, some are going to charge their funds.  It is worth checking on your investment providers for their policy on this issue.
At T. Bailey, any additional research will be absorbed by us but we won’t be making a ‘song and dance’ about it.  As a fund of funds manager, MIFID II has less impact on us due to most of our investments being in collectives.  However we have sourced external research over the past few years from one or two providers of independent research that we feel are additive to our investment process and assist us in delivering what our investors expect.
That cost and future research will continue to be borne by us, no need to shout about it.

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