Dynamic Fund

T. Bailey Dynamic Fund

The T. Bailey Dynamic Fund uses a multi-asset fund strategy, so in addition to investing in equities and bonds, you will find exposure to a range of other assets, including commodities, cash and property, depending on where we have identified the strongest opportunities.

The aim of the T. Bailey Dynamic Fund is to outperform UK inflation (CPI) plus 3% per annum on a total return basis over the medium-to-long term.

The fund invests mainly in other regulated collective investment schemes. The fund will have a combination of UK and non-UK investments and will be diversified across different asset classes from equities to bonds and funds with an absolute return or inflation-linked profile.

The fund is run as an Authorised Unit Trust, which allows us to make changes without incurring capital gains tax. You can buy income or accumulation units, depending on your income or capital growth requirements.

The fund is also eligible for ISA investments/transfers. Units are also available as part of a regular savers scheme from as little as £50 per month. The minimum initial investment is £1,000.

To see the Key Investor Information Document and other fund documents visit our Dynamic Fund page.

Download the Dynamic Fund Factsheet Dynamic Factsheet

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Dynamic fund prices


Fund ID Fund Name Pricing Date Single Price (p) XD Net yield (%)
GB00B1LB2Z79 T. Bailey Dynamic Fund A Accumulation 15-Jan-21 94.10 1.3
GB00BGYBJ259 T. Bailey Dynamic Fund X Accumulation 15-Jan-21 94.09 1.3
GB00B1385S07 T. Bailey Dynamic Fund A Income 15-Jan-21 70.47 1.3
GB00BGYBJ366 T. Bailey Dynamic Fund X Income 15-Jan-21 70.60 1.3

*Net yield, calculated based on previous 12 months accumulations/distributions as percentage of current price. The prices shown are those calculated for the date shown. The Fund deals on a forward basis. These prices are historic and therefore only indicative of prices an investor may pay or receive for actual transactions, which are calculated after receipt of dealing instructions.