When you choose T. Bailey, you are investing alongside our founders, the Forman Hardy family, who created T. Bailey for one reason, to manage their money as effectively as possible. We retain this uncompromising focus on providing the best possible risk-adjusted return for every investor.

Non-Executive Chairman of T. Bailey Asset Management

You live in the real world and have real goals. To achieve those you need your investment to deliver real growth. We have a track record of delivering consistently strong long-term returns for our investors in absolute terms.

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Having worked hard to build your business or your savings, you want the reassurance that your assets can be managed by people that value your trust.


When you invest with T. Bailey you know exactly who is looking after your money. You know where we are investing it. And you know the returns we are seeking to achieve, in real terms, on your investment.

“I have recommended their funds for a number of years, and like their focus on CPI+ targets.”

Peter Gilbert – BALPA Financial Solutions Limited

“T. Bailey have constantly delivered the investment outcomes demanded by my clients over a number of years.”

Paul Bennett – Paul Bennett & Associates

“T. Bailey’s thematic approach has consistently delivered the returns desired within the risk parameters specified. The funds provide an ideal ‘core’ investment solution for clients.”

Lance Sharman – Premier Investment Management

An introduction to T. Bailey Asset Management

In this video, Peter Askew and Elliot Farley provide an introduction to
T. Bailey, telling our story and explaining how it benefits you as an investor.

Different by design

When you invest with T. Bailey you are choosing an approach to asset management that is different by design. Our founders – the Forman Hardy family, who have 150 years’ business experience – originally established T. Bailey to manage their own investments.

This proved a great success and for more than 15 years, other investors have been able to invest their money with T. Bailey alongside that of the family, and of our team of investment experts.

The benefit for you is knowing that at T. Bailey we never lose sight of our key objective: achieving the best possible risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

We are privately owned, proudly independent and focused, without compromise, on preserving and growing our investors’ wealth.

Asset Management Experts

Benefits of our investment approach

With T. Bailey your money is invested in a globally diversified portfolio of funds compiled by our team of investment experts.  We identify and oversee high conviction managers that have the skill and resource to target the strongest returns in their chosen market or investment theme.

Asset allocation decisions about the level of exposure to individual markets and investment themes are made by our experienced team, who aim to identify where the best risk-adjusted opportunities lie. Experience has shown us that using a fund of funds approach provides significant benefits for our investors in achieving their investment objectives.

We also understand that you are less concerned about performance relative to market indices and more interested in preserving and growing your wealth in real terms. For that reason we measure our investment returns against inflation as well as our peers.

The key benefits to you of our approach to asset management are:

  • Outcome focused, targeting consistently strong real returns for our investors, rather than relative performance versus an index.
  • Risk management through diversification.
  • Portfolios expertly constructed and actively managed to achieve our investors’ objectives.
  • Tax efficiency.

Your investment choices

T. Bailey Dynamic Fund

A multi-asset fund of funds, which provides an actively managed one-stop investment solution, encompassing asset allocation and fund selection, with the majority of assets being sterling denominated.

The investment goal is to achieve CPI plus 3% per annum over a market cycle.


Read more about our Dynamic Fund

T. Bailey Growth Fund

Our global equity portfolio. A whole-of-market solution with a primary investment objective to provide capital growth over the medium-to-long term and to outperform the Investment Association (IA) Global sector mean over rolling three year periods. The IA Global Sector has been chosen as a target benchmark as it represents the performance of a broad group of global equity funds available to UK based investors.

With a strategic asset allocation of only 10% to the UK, it provides an expertly managed global exposure to augment a portfolio of UK assets.

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