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The WS T. Bailey Multi-Asset Dynamic Fund  (previously named the T. Bailey Dynamic Fund) uses a multi-asset fund strategy, so in addition to investing in equities and bonds, you will find exposure to a range of other assets, including commodities, cash and property, depending on where we have identified the strongest opportunities.

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A diverse fund

The fund invests mainly in other regulated collective investment schemes. The fund has a combination of UK and non-UK investments and is diversified across different asset classes from equities to bonds and funds with an absolute return or inflation-linked profile.

The aim of the Multi-Asset Dynamic Fund is to outperform UK inflation (CPI) plus 3% per annum, over rolling periods of 5 years.

Authorised Unit Trust

The fund is an Authorised Unit Trust, which allows us to make changes without incurring capital gains tax within the product. You can buy income or accumulation units, depending on your income or capital growth requirements.

The fund is also eligible for ISA investments/transfers. Units are available as part of a regular savers scheme from as little as £50 per month. The minimum initial investment is £1,000.

We also offer the WS T. Bailey Multi-Asset Growth Fund, the WS T. Bailey UK Responsibly Invested Equity Fund and the WS T. Bailey Global Thematic Equity Fund.

The investment company you can trust

Formed to manage the assets of our founders, we’re a family of well-established investment professionals whose interests are aligned with your clients.

We’re investors, just like your clients

Our staff, their families and the founders are invested alongside your clients. We’re a community of investors with shared interests.

We’ve been around a while

This isn’t a start-up. We’ve been investing successfully for clients since 1999, over 20 years.

We’re family run

Our Interests are aligned and all investors come first.
"T. Bailey have constantly delivered the investment outcomes demanded by my clients over a number of years."
Paul Bennett, Paul Bennett & Associates

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For more information, you can download our fact sheet which outlines the details of the Multi-Asset Dynamic Fund in full.

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