How will you grow my money?

We aim to grow your money by using our expertise to invest in a portfolio of funds spread over many areas and in different assets. To use a common cliché – all your eggs are not in one basket.

We use our expertise to choose the most appropriate places and assets. We do this by using a number of investment themes to guide us.

An example of an investment theme might be ‘the ageing population’. Taking this theme as an example, we know that the populations of most of the developed world are getting older.

We therefore might assume that there will be a greater need to care for older people as they reach old age. This means Healthcare companies and care home providers could be industries that have a good chance of doing well. This theme might also take into account things such as leisure or tourism aimed at retired people.

In short, we grow your money by investing in a diverse portfolio that takes advantage of many of these different themes, and by using our expertise to make sure we are only choosing the best opportunities within these themes.

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