Our investment funds

T. Bailey Growth Fund

The Growth Fund is a global equity product.  It is predominantly a non-UK equity offering as the UK’s weight is around 10%.  Its focus is on long-term thematic investing through high conviction managers.

Consequently its most prominent use is that of a global equity solution to sit alongside a portfolio of UK assets.  The Growth Fund’s relevance is as a whole of market, international equity allocation augmenting an investor’s UK portfolio that might hold direct equity, property or debt holdings.

Its investment goal is to beat its peers represented by the Investment Association’s Global sector over a market cycle.

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T. Bailey Dynamic Fund

The Dynamic fund is a multi-asset offering that can be a complete investment solution for an investor.  The majority of its investments are in GBP and it invests across all liquid asset classes therefore offering an in-built asset allocation service.  Its goal of UK inflation plus 3% per annum over a market cycle makes it a relevant investment for the less aggressive investor seeking to preserve and grow their wealth in real terms.

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