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Retirement is an inevitability for most of us, but it can be hard to think that far ahead, especially when you’re living in the present. It can be even harder to try and save for it – so how do you plan for your financial future? T.Bailey can help, if you’re planning to retire.

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Maria wants to enjoy her retirement

She knows that when she finishes her working life, she wants to be able to enjoy herself, and be secure financially. She pays into a workplace pension, but she’d like a little more security for the future. Here’s what she did:


She started a fund.

After finding us, she set up her fund where she could save a small amount each month.

Sit back.

She carried on her life as normal! Saving was regular and easy, at a pace that suited her.

Peace of mind.

Now she has the reassurance that she’s doing something positive to help her future - and it feels great.

Set your goals

No matter when you’re planning to retire, you should always start by deciding what your financial aspirations are. You might have an amount in mind that you’d like you aim for, or maybe there’s a particular age at wish you want to retire? This will help determine what solution is best for you.

Flexible saving options

There are plenty of ways to make your investment work. You can save up to £20k in an ISA per annum, for example. You can also access your money quickly in the event of an emergency, so there’s no need to feel trapped.

See your investment grow

All you have to do now is watch your money grow. Our solutions are tax efficient through an ISA, and our experienced fund managers have a track record in smart investments that benefit you in the long-term – so you can be confident about your retirement, whenever that may be.


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If you are unsure whether investing is right for you, you might wish to speak with a financial adviser.

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