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The stresses and strains of modern day living have made quality holiday experiences all but essential. But a good holiday can break the bank, more so if it’s a trip of a lifetime. Thankfully, we’ve got a way to make it easy.

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Simon wanted to travel the world

He knew he needed help to save but didn’t know the easiest way to do it – and he definitely knew he wouldn’t get very far saving his money with the high street bank. So, when it came to saving for a trip, here’s what he did instead:


Quick and easy setup

He arranged to invest his money into our Dynamic Fund. He set some clear goals for his money, and it was easy to set up.

He relaxed for a short while…

This freed him to get on with his life, safe in the knowledge that T.Bailey were helping him save what he needed for the trip.

… before jetting off

Before he knew it, he had the funds he needed to get on that plane and start his trip of a lifetime.

Decide on your objectives

The first step is thinking about what you want to achieve. If you’re wondering how to save for a holiday, you’ll first want to consider the timeframe you’re working to, and how much you want to save.The type of holiday you’re planning will impact this: a European jaunt for a week or a round-the-world trip for a year will need either a longer or shorter length of saving.

Easy setup

We’ll then set up your fund. It’s super simple – so simple that you don’t need to do anything! We’ll take care of it all, choosing the best ways to invest your money. We’ve got years of experience in getting the best possible return for our investors, and we share in your success.

Watch it grow

Then you can simply sit back and watch your fund grow… perfect if you’re saving for a trip away! Unlike the savings in your bank account, they won’t be eaten away by inflation. With our fund, you can expect a return on inflation, plus a minimum 3%. What’s more, you can access your money quickly if you need to in an emergency – it’s really that simple.


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