Responsible Investing

Our responsibilities

As an Asset Manager, we acknowledge our obligation to be both financially and socially responsible custodians of our clients’ wealth.  We have a responsibility both as a company and as individuals to conduct our business and operations in a sustainable way.

Embracing positive change

We have built Environmental, Social and Governance values (ESG) into the fabric of T. Bailey Asset Management, but we realise this is a journey and not a destination.

The most direct way we can affect change for the good is through our investment process. While not all of our products have sustainable investment as their objective, we take ESG influences into account in all our investment processes among other factors.

ESG is embedded in our process

Internally, we aspire to minimise energy use, reduce waste and work as sustainably as possible. We also promote external responsibility by supporting causes and movements which have a positive effect upon society.  

We don’t see ESG as a product.  We see it as an intrinsic set of values which should be embedded within every aspect of our business. Both in our processes and our people.

Positive engagement

We recognise that within our fund of fund offerings, it is our underlying managers who buy and sell individual companies. Recognizing this, we engage only with those fund managers who demonstrate that their beliefs and values are aligned with our own.

Within the UK Responsibly Invested Equity Fund where we buy and sell individual companies and therefore have more control, we seek to avoid alcohol, gambling, weapons, pornography or industries that involve large-scale extraction practices.

Being held to account

T. Bailey Asset Management are members of both the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) and the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association (UKSIF). Reporting to these organisations acts as independent validation.

ESG is an embedded process

A key factor in what we do. A process not a product.

Key influence

ESG is a key influence of how T. Bailey conducts its business and invests​.

Collaborative approach

The whole team thinks about what we describe collectively as responsible investing.
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"We have a responsibility both as a company and as individuals to conduct our business and operations in a sustainable way."
Peter Askew, CEO, T. Bailey Asset Management