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Starting a new business can be exciting, but it doesn’t come cheap – and if you’re not the most financially-savvy, finding new business capital can feel a bit overwhelming. Here at T.Bailey, we know how to make it simple, so you can follow your dreams as soon as possible.

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Emma had big plans for her business

She’d always been a bit on an entrepreneur, and now she had an idea for a great new business venture – but she didn’t have the cash to get it off the ground. Here’s what she did:


Set up her fund.

After finding T.Bailey, Emma set up her investment. It was easy to do, and she was reassured that we took care of the tricky stuff.

She sat back.

Knowing her money was being looked after, she could breathe easy for a while, enabling her to focus on planning the important things.

Started her business.

Before she knew it, she had new business capital, and was now in a position to set up the business of her dreams.

Set your goals

First thing’s first when it comes to saving new business capital: you’ll need to set your financial aspirations – think about when you want to get your business started, and how much money you’ll need to do it properly. This will help determine your solution.

A simple setup

Then we’ll get your fund set up. It’s super simple – in fact, you don’t have to do a thing! Just leave it in our safe hands, and we’ll make the smartest investments that will benefit you the most.

Watch your money grow

Soon, you’ll have all the money you need to get your business venture off the ground. With T.Bailey, saving has never been so simple.


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If you are unsure whether investing is right for you, you might wish to speak with a financial adviser.

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