Model Portfolios

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The Enable Range

The four T. Bailey Enable Model Portfolios have been created to cover a range of investment objectives and risk profiles.

They are currently available on Standard Life Wrap and Transact.

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Inflation plus targets

The Enable Portfolios are a range of inflation-targeted model portfolios that tap into the same themes and thinking behind the T. Bailey Growth Fund and the T. Bailey Dynamic Fund. The portfolios target a range of outcomes from inflation plus 2% to inflation plus 5% over rolling periods of 5 years.

Thematic investing

We take a thematic approach to investing and concentrate on a range of global themes. This enables us to choose investments where demand is robust and likely to exceed supply for the foreseeable future.

Our themes are ones that everyone can understand.


The Enable Portfolios target inflation plus 2% to inflation plus 5% over rolling periods of five years.

Name Objective Risk level
Enable 2 UK Inflation +2% 2
Enable 3 UK Inflation +3% 3
Enable 4 UK Inflation +4% 4
Enable 5 UK Inflation +5% 5


The Enable Portfolios have a rating of between 2 and 5 on the T. Bailey MPS risk scale (a scale of 1-5, with 1 being the lowest risk and 5 being the highest) and are therefore compatible with investors with a range of risk tolerances.

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This isn’t a start-up. We’ve been investing successfully for clients since 1999, over 20 years.

We’re family run

Our Interests are aligned and all investors come first.
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