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A little goes a long way when it comes to saving for your education

Saving for your education

The right education can open up a world of opportunities, but all too often the expenses can get in the way. Whether it’s to pay off your student loan, covering the cost of school fees upfront, or saving money for university; we can help you save for it.

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Sam wanted to do his Masters

Ever since completing his undergraduate degree, he’d wanted to take the next step by getting his Masters degree. But he knew he wouldn’t be able to, and was reluctant to take out another loan. Here’s what he did instead:


He started investing.

After finding us, he decided to put his money in our Dynamic Fund. He set some goals, and got started.

He relaxed.

We took care of the rest, so in true student style, he was able to kick back and relax!

He reached his goal.

Soon he had the money he needed to finally get back to uni and complete his Masters - as easy as that.

Decide your goals

This will depend on the kind of thing you’re saving for, be it private school tuition, saving money for university, paying off your student loan, or some other form of study.

Flexible solutions

We have a range of investment solutions to suit your needs. From regular and junior ISAs to unit trusts, we make it easy for you to save.

Watch your money grow

Small, regular amounts build up to a substantial plot over time, with little effort on your part – so you can reach your goal in no time.


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If you are unsure whether investing is right for you, you might wish to speak with a financial adviser.

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